Submission Guidelines II

Information for authors interested in collaborating with IC

Without excluding other works submitted by authors interested in collaborating with the journal, since being published for the first time in 2003 IC has favoured certain approaches to information, communication and culture, these being as follows:

  • Epistemology of communication
  • Information and communication theories keyed to social change
  • Social history of communication
  • Considerations on “popular media culture” and associated discourse analysis
  • Digital Media Culture

All papers submitted to IC should be original (or at least unpublished in the language in which they are submitted). The journal will consider for publication papers submitted in Spanish or English. Only in exceptional cases, prior assessment by the editorial board, will papers in other languages be considered for publication.

Double-blind reviews conducted by reviewers with proven experience in the subject matter will be used for assessing submitted papers. Should the reviewers disagree, papers will be sent to a third reviewer or, exceptionally, the editorial board will decide whether or not a specific paper is suitable for publication.

IC is published on a yearly basis in December. The deadline for submitting original papers is 15 June, unless otherwise stated on the journal’s website (in the “next number” section). Originals should be sent in Word or odt format to:

For additional information on the submission of papers, download the file “publication guidelines”.

All content published in IC is done so under Creative Commons License “CC BY-NC-ND 3.0”. For further information, see:

1. Manuscripts must be submitted in Word format, typed throughout in 12pt Times New Roman font, with 1.5 spacing, and 3cm (left and right) and 2.5cm (top and bottom) margins, and must also include

  • The title typed in 14pt uppercase, bold and centred, in Spanish and English.
  • The names and surnames of the author(s) typed in 10pt, bold and aligned to the right.
  • The university of the author(s) typed in bold and aligned to the right in brackets.

2. All manuscripts (excluding book or journal reviews) must include an abstract of a maximum of seventy words, a set of keywords, and an index in Spanish and English.

3. IC accepts manuscripts written in Spanish and English.

4. Submitted manuscripts must be between 4000 and 9000 words long (excluding book or journal reviews, which must be of a maximum of 1400 words).

5. The name(s) of the author(s) should appear on a separate title page only, including contact details (address, telephone number and the name of the scientific institution to which the author(s) belong(s), plus a brief curriculum vitae (approximately 10 lines).

6. Manuscripts must be submitted on paper or electronically (Word or .odt format) to the address

7. Authors are fully responsible for article content.

8. Notes must be included at the bottom of the page.

9. All references cited in the text should be listed alphabetically at the end of the article, using the APA style.

10. Manuscripts must follow the APA style guide. For further information, see: http//


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