Authors undertake to submit original manuscripts, whatever the language that they have been written in, and observe the following conditions:

  • Manuscripts must be exhaustive, rigorous and honest and research results must be true and verifiable. This involves the following:
    1. Research work should be absolutely clear as to its design, processes and methodology, so that these can been verified and replicated.
    2. Research work and articles should specify the epistemological presuppositions on which they are based.
    3. Submitted research work and articles should acknowledge their own weaknesses and the uncertainties coming to light during the research process.
    4. Data that does not lead to the validation of the researcher’s hypotheses should not be excluded: all significant research data should be included.
  • All the parties that have participated in articles or reviews should be regarded as authors. When the contribution to the manuscript of a participant is minor and hence should not be considered as a co-author, this should al least be described and acknowledged.
  •  In studies based on personal interviews or participant observation, the researchers should have the express permission of all the participants in their research, so as to ensure that they have not been coaxed or forced to collaborate and the legitimate use of the information that they have provided. To this end, researchers are encouraged to obtain written permission from participants.
  •  So as to ensure data protection and the privacy of subjects participating in the studies published by IC, the name of respondents should be fictitious or concealed, with the aim of avoiding any prejudice that the research could cause them. Authors should mention in their work that names are fictitious or describe the system used to conceal them. Furthermore, authors should have a list detailing real names and their fictitious equivalent, should it be necessary to check this information.
  • Authors should explicitly mention all research funding sources in their manuscripts.

Article Preparation

Articles should be submitted in Word format, using 2,5cm left, right, top and bottom margins, 1.5 line spacing and Times New Roman size 12 font. Additional formatting requirements include the following:

  • Title: size 14 font, upper-case letters, boldface and centred, in English and Spanish. The title in English should be in size 12 font.
  • First name and surname of the author or authors and his/her or their email addresses: size 10 font, boldface and right-aligned.
  • Affiliations: size 10 font, boldface, right aligned and in brackets.
  • All articles (with the exception of book and journal reviews) should be preceded by an abstract of not more than 70 words in English and Spanish, a maximum of six keywords in both languages, and a numbered summary of the manuscript also in both languages.
  • Summary titles should be formatted in size 12 font, lower-case letters and boldface.
  • Articles should be between 4,000-9,000 words. Books reviews should be limited to a maximum 1,400 words. Texts beyond that extension would only rarely be considered.
  • IC accepts articles in Spanish and English

The American Psychology Association (APA) style should be used for the overall drafting of manuscripts, citations, references, etc.

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