IC – 16

Connected movements: techno-politics approach


Connected movements: techno-politics approach (pdf)
José Ignacio Candón Mena

Section Claves

Techno-politics for emancipation and war: collective action and networked counter-insurgency (pdf English)
Guiomar Rovira Sancho  

Section Selecta

Citizen activism and political developments in the transformation of the digital public sphere in Spain: From the “Pass it on!” SMS to Podemos (pdf)
Víctor Sampedro, Eloísa Nos-Aldás y Alessandra Farné

Activism versus algorithmic control. New governance models, old asymmetries (pdf English)
Paz Sastre Domínguez y Ángel J. Gordo López

Feminisms outraged at justice: the online conversation on ‘la manada’ case (pdf English)
Julen Orbegozo Terradillos, Jordi Morales i Grass y Ainara Larrondo Ureta

Breaking consensus: virtual communities and counter-hegemonic discourse in the movement against touristification in Seville (pdf)
Manuel Fernández García, Macarena Hernández Conde y Vicente Barragán Robles

Technopolitical strategies and audiovisual narratives of urban-youth collectives. The cases of videoactivism and rodas culturais in Rio de
Janeiro, Brazil
Ana Lúcia Nunes de Sousa y Valentina Carranza Weihmüller

Think globally, act locally: mapping the free- culture movement in a hybrid media system  (pdf)
Dafne Calvo y Eva Campos Domínguez

Common connections: on the uses of autonomous videogame networks in Havana and the snet case (pdf)
Fidel A. Rodríguez Fernández

Sección Perspectivas

The Andalusian elections of 2018. The use of bots as a tool for analyzing the election’s
information agenda

Raúl Magallón Rosa, Francisco Javier Paniagua-Rojano y Sonia Chacón-Peinado

The populists’ network? Differences in political Facebook-campaigns in Spain and Germany (pdf)
Vicente Fenoll y Joerg Hassler

Communication, development, social change: Spanish presence in foreign communication journals with the highest impact factor in SJR and JCR indexes, 1990-2015 (pdf)
Chiara Sáez y Alejandro Barranquero

Insurgent images as tools of counter power during the socio-environmental conflict in Tranguil (Chile) and the murder of Macarena Valdés (pdf)
Darla Inai Segovia

Journalism ethics as a tool to face fake news: spanish journalists’ perceptions  (pdf)
David Blanco-Herrero

Memes and politics. Why some political memes go viral and others dont? (pdf)
Eva Maria Gonzalez Hernandez, Jaime Eduardo Figueroa Daza y Jan-Hinrich Meyer

The index of engagement in social networks as a predictor of the results in the general elections of 2015 and 2016 (pdf)
Carlos A. Ballesteros Herencia

The influence of Twitter in the electoral processes. Analysis of the case of the primary elections in the PSOE (2017) (pdf)
Javier Bustos Díaz y Francisco Javier Ruiz del Olmo

Ancestral communication Nasa. A communication from the Wët wët fxi’zenxi (good living) (pdf)
Wilson Martínez Guaca y Dianny Guerrero Montilla

Section Bibliográfica

Mercedes Fernández-Martorell (2018) / Capitalismo y cuerpo. Crítica de la razón masculina (pdf)
Laura Manzano-Zambruno

Gil Calvo, E. (2018) / Comunicación Política (pdf)
Juan Carlos Figuereo Benítez

Bernal-Triviño, Ana (2019) / Hacia una comunicación feminista: cómo informar e informarse sobre violencia machista (pdf)